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Global Sourcing Finland

”The trip during this week in Yekaterinburg was extremely successful. First we were astonished, that we could have meetings with all the nominated companies. And also, the quality of the meetings was extremely good, having the right people in place. We have now agreed testing of our products with all of those requested 5 companies. And the biggest thanks goes to Elena from FRCC Yekaterinburg office. She is a true professional with great business knowledge and with good local connections. Without help from FRCC staff my trip would have been completely different, most probably not being able to agree all of the meetings or involve the relevant persons. So, I was so really happy about this week, and we will definitely promote FRCC further for all those who are serious about Russian business! GSF will definitely continue to use your services.”

Jukka Ahvonen, VP Sourcing, Global Sourcing Finland Ltd.


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