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Valmet Automation

Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries.

The solutions of Valmet’s Automation are designed to maximize the profitability of our customers’ businesses by improving production performance and cost, energy and material efficiency. Our worldwide network of experts supports our extensive range of process automation solutions and services. We serve our customers in the pulp and paper and other process industries such as LNG and biogas for example, power generation, marine, and oil & gas. Valmet Automation’s products are:

 Valmet’s analyzers offering has become the global leader and industry benchmark in many measurements based and first ever introduced process control solutions. Valmet analyzers and measurement solutions portfolio includes long tradition of pioneering innovative measurement solutions in challenging process areas.

Valmet has experience in environmental processes, such as wastewater treatment that call for new efficient technologies to fulfill ever tighter water quality and requirements. These types of plants are comprehensive in size especially in cities, where also the neighboring communities are connected to same water treatment entities. Valmet offers superior solids measurement and optimization applications for wastewater treatment plants based on many years of experience and know-how. Valmet’s solids sensors provide benefits for all sludge processing stages.

Products and solutions we’re providing for wastewater

Short payback time based on considerable savings

  • Lower transportation costs
  • Polymer reduction
  • Reduction in laboratory sampling
  • Lower support fuel consumption based on dryer sludge
  • Efficient energy consumption
  • Continuous real-time data


Nikolay Doroshenko
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