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Wastewater treatment technologies needed to Russia

Russia remains one of the world leaders in water reserves, but natural resources need to be carefully treated. Efficient use of water, modernization of wastewater treatment plants, rehabilitation of rivers and lakes on the basis of the best available technologies – is the main goal of the nationwide projects: Housing and Urban Environment 2018-2024 (subproject Clean Water) and Ecology 2018-2024 (subprojects Improvement of the Volga River, Preservation of Lake Baikal, Preservation of unique water bodies). The goal of the Clean Water project is to provide the population with high-quality drinking water. It is planned to build and modernize about 2,188 facilities in 83 regions of the Russian by 2024. 245 billion RUB (2,8 billion EUR) will be allocated to achieve the project’s goals. A large-scale national project Ecology 2018-2024 was announced as an additional financial incentive. During its implementation about 3 billion EUR will be allocated from the federal budget. Numerous projects for the modernization of existing wastewater treatment facilities and the construction of new ones in the territories located by the Volga River, Lake Baikal and other unique water systems. The transition to sustainable development is a new trend in Russia. ESG standards have become a relevant topic for Russian business. The process began with exporters and their needs to meet the requirements of partner countries and now it has spread to all sectors of the economy. Many Russian companies have already indicated in their development strategies large-scale projects for the modernization of existing production facilities focusing initially on industrial wastewater treatment facilities. Finland has experience in wastewater treatment and can succeed in Russian as well. The more interesting areas for cooperation are: new technologies and equipment for water supply systems and wastewater treatment.



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