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Webinar: Exporter liability for sanctions evasion and illicit acquisition


As a result of U.S. and EU sanctions and extensive export controls on Russia, the Russian government will likely expand its global efforts in illicit acquisition to obtain the commodities it needs. This will include establishing operations in some of the same geographic locations and markets of interest to Finnish industry, including in Central Asia.

For Finnish exporters this means that whether they are doing business directly with Russia or not, they can still be susceptible to unwitting Russian procurement activities, Government scrutiny, and liability for sanctions violations.

This webinar offers two unique and mutually reinforcing perspectives on this topical issue:

  • Legal framework governing prohibited “indirect” sanctions violations and circumvention
  • Insight into the world of illicit acquisition and the best methods to identify red flags

Stephen Wilcox, Chairman of the Board, Finnish Sanctions and Export Control Society (SPVY)
Managing Director, FTI Consulting LLC

Stephen Wilcox served as the former Acting Assistant Director of the Bureau of Industry and Security, U.S. Department of Commerce and Regional Export Control Officer for the European Union while assigned to the U.S. Missions Russia and Germany. Stephen also served as a liaison to the Government of Finland

Aleksi Pursiainen, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Finnish Sanctions and Export Control Society (SPVY)
CEO, Solid Plan Consulting Oy

Aleksi Pursiainen served as the former chief sanctions counsel at the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Head of Trade Compliance at Nokia. He has recently written comprehensive handbook on EU and US sanctions, export controls, and trade compliance entitled Kansainväliset pakotteet ja vientivalvonta (Alma Talent, 2021).

The Finnish Sanctions and Export Controls Society was established in 2022 to support Finnish industry in managing challenges related to the convergence of international security and emerging multilateral trade regulations. The Society’s goal is to strengthen Finland’s economic and national security resilience by establishing a platform to provide risk, threat, and legal-based approaches to global trade compliance, and by serving as a vehicle to develop a strong and lasting export controls and sanctions compliance ecosystem in Finland.

The discussion is moderated by Tarja Teittinen, Director of Services, EastCham Finland

The webinar will be in English language, no translation provided.

The webinar is free of charge and available for all companies interested.
Organized in cooperation with the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK

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