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Corporate membership

Member services for all employees of a corporation

With one payment, the parent company can connect to EastCham Finland membership all or any of its subsidiaries, allowing the entire corporation to enjoy member services and benefits.

In this solution, all employees of the subsidiaries always receive the latest news and relevant information about markets, trade and the economy. They can also join member clubs and free online trainings, as well as networking with other business players in the market.

Corporate membership fee

The Corporate membership fee is calculated on the basis of the combined annual turnover of the parent company and related subsidiaries, i.e. their turnover is summed up. The ceiling of the Corporate membership fee is always our highest membership fee, which cannot be exceeded.

By choosing Corporate membership, the parent company ensures that all subsidiaries that need our member services get the opportunity to use them.

How to apply for Corporate membership?

Current members

Current members of EastCham can apply for Corporate membership by emailing to Minna Kakko the registration numbers and names of all subsidiaries which the company wishes to connect  to the membership. See the contact information below.

New members

To become an EastCham member, a company must complete and submit the Membership Application Form. The application form should be completed with all the information of the subsidiaries to be included in the Corporate membership.

Fees and application

Contact us

Minna Kakko
Minna Kakko Administrative Manager, IT, Membership register +358 50 412 6807
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