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A network of possibilities

EastCham Finland is an expert and advocacy organisation. As part of the Team Finland network, EastCham provides internationalisation services for all Finnish companies. EastCham identifies economic signals and supports business operations of Finnish companies in the markets of Central Asia, Ukraine and Southern Caucasus. In addition, it provides sanctions consulting.

Our services are

  • Members’ club meetings, online training and open webinars
  • Information and advice on markets, operating environments, legislation and regulations
  • Mapping new markets for Finnish companies in Central Asia, Ukraine and South Caucasus
  • Business advice on sanctions, trade barriers and their effects, as well as factors affecting companies’ exit strategies

Read more about services and membership. Links open in new windows.

Contact us

Jaana Rekolainen
Jaana Rekolainen CEO +358 400 45 77 43
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