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Open 8

Machinery exports boosted Finnish goods exports to Uzbekistan to a historic high in 2023

Finland exported filtering machinery, transmission technology, as well as electric generators and motors to Uzbekistan.

Open 12

Export of goods from Finland to Ukraine increased in 2023 but remains lower than pre-war levels

Telecommunications equipment made a leap in exports, while in imports, steel products were replaced by iron ore.

EastCham News
Open 51

Олену Куцай призначено старшим бізнес-консультантом і керівником київського офісу EastCham

Олена Куцай розпочне свою роботу на посаді керівника київського офісу EastCham Finland з 1 квітня 2024 року. Її головне завдання – допомагати компаніям-учасникам EastCham виходити на ринок України та брати участь у проектах з відбудови.

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Open 39

Olena Kutsai has been appointed Senior Business Advisor and Head of EastCham’s Kyiv office

Olena Kutsai will start as Head of EastCham Finland’s Kyiv Office on April 1, 2024. Her main task is to help EastCham member companies to enter the Ukrainian market and to get involved in rebuilding projects.

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Open 167

Mikael Pentikäinen has been elected as the Chairman of EastCham Finland’s board

The board of EastCham Finland has chosen Mikael Pentikäinen as its chairman until the general meeting to be held in the spring of 2024. Pentikäinen has served as the Vice Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce from 2019 to 2023 and as a member of the board since 2018. Mikael Pentikäinen is the CEO of Suomen Yrittäjät.

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Locked 253

EastCham’s St Petersburg representative office to be closed – closure process started by decision of the Chamber of Commerce Board earlier this autumn

EastCham Finland’s St Petersburg representative office is to be closed. The process of closing the Chamber of Commerce’s last representative office in Russia was initiated after a decision by the Chamber’s Board of Directors earlier this autumn. The employment contracts of staff have been terminated.

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