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Tips for biowaste separate collection


Expert’s five tips for starting sorting of biowaste

  1. Check your yard: is there a biowaste container or composter?
  2. Clear the space in the bottom cupboard of the counter or elsewhere in the kitchen for the biowaste container. You should choose an easy and attractive place for it. There is no need for more space than before; it simply needs to be reorganised.
  3. You can find instructions for sorting biowaste and possibly also contact information for waste advice on the home page of your waste management company or the municipality responsible for the waste management.
  4. Start with small steps; first sort only coffee waste and fruit and vegetable peel.
  5. Encourage and advise family members to sort organic waste.


Why separate collection of biowaste is so important? Watch the video: Why should I recycle biowaste


Expert’s Five Tips to Make Sorting Biowaste Easier at Home

  1. Allow the waste to cool down and dry before placing it in the bag.
  2. Place an empty egg carton cell at the bottom of the bag to absorb moisture.
  3. Drain liquids into the sink. Residuals of cooking oil and other liquid fats can be absorbed with paper towels and then placed in the organic waste bin.
  4. Store the organic waste bag in a well-ventilated container, such as one with holes.
  5. Regularly empty the organic waste bin.


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How to pack biowaste

It is good to pack biowaste before putting it in the waste container. The biobag protects the waste from freezing in the biowaste container in winter. In the summer, biowaste packed in paper does not attract flies and wasps to the waste container.

The best material for packaging biowaste is paper, but compostable plastic bags also work. Check with the waste management company in your area which type of biobag material is the most effective in the biowaste management process in your area.

It is also best to put organic waste in the home composter without wrappers.

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Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash
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