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Separate collection of biowaste

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Molok provides solutions for deep waste collection requiring less space and less frequent emptying of waste containers.

Video: What does Molok®-deep collection mean?

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Marimatic specializes in Automated Solid Waste Collection Systems (AWCS) and vacuum conveying systems. The company manufactures two types of waste collection systems: the Taifun® hygienic conveying system for food industry,, launched in the 1980s for use in industrial applications and bio waste, and the MetroTaifun® specifically designed for subterranean conveyance of solid municipal waste, both commercial waste and household waste. MariMatic® has delivered around 1,000 systems in over 40 countries.

Video: MetroTaifun, the Automatic Waste Collection System (AWCS) for sustainable cities

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Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash
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