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  • The primary goal of ECO3 waste management system is to turn waste flows into circular economy. Landfills are not needed. Waste to become raw material.
  • In our concept public sector and private sector has their important roles. We have developed and practiced waste management successfully the past 25 years.
  • ECO3 concept has been recognized to be one of the best environmental systems globally.

Time saving

  • By utilizing ECO3 concept your waste management can be built by proven methods within few years without having time consuming trials.
  • Our specialists will help you to take development short cuts and save time and energy

Cost savings

  • Cost could be saved by taken development steps to correct direction at early stage. Value system and value chains to be built. Waste flows to be in control of public sector and business opportunities to be built for private sector. This is to be done in the most efficient way possible, to keep costs low having equal waste management service to everyone, prevent waste buildup and create circular economy. This is what we have successfully done within ECO3 concept.
  • Investments to be split between public sector and private sector. All existing investments can be fully utilized. Payback time of new investments typically 5-10 years.

Security and safety

  • ECO3 concept is a safe solution. The system is up and running in full scale in Finland.
  • ECO3 is not driven just by one company business idea.
  • Ownership of materialflows.


  • ECO3 offers service and technology in wide scope of waste management. The scope of service could be narrowed down to solve also more specific issues under waste management. We offer service from feasibility studies to investment projects. No obligations for further cost consuming decisions.
  • ECO3 offers easy and safe way to new technologies in the field of waste management and circular economy.


  • The concept is fully scalable to meet the demands of a district, city or the whole area/region!






Sakari Ermala
Verte Oy

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