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KPA Unicon

KPA Unicon is a Finnish family enterprise, which has been a forerunner in clean, renewable energy already from 1990. KPA Unicon creates and executes clean energy solutions around the world. It modernizes existing production processes by using technologies utilizing renewable energy sources and supplies energy producers with innovative digital tools. Scope of delivery is tailored to meet customer’s needs – from full EPC to limited scope. Company’s goal is to lead discussion about clean energy and create value for its partners. KPA Unicon’s headoffice is in Finland and it employs 240 energy professionals in six different countries: Finland, Russia, France, Croatia, Chile and Great Britain.

We offer solutions for clean energy production utilizing biofuels, waste (SRF, RDF) as well as gas and liquid fuels.

Reneflex – effective solution for burning SRF

Reneflex is a technology for stored solid fuel incineration based on compact and durable bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) technology. It is meant to support circular economy in the local heat and steam production, which uses locally processed waste and biomass streams.

  • 7 -50 MW
  • Complies with European waste directive
    • 2 sec delay time in 850 °C taken into consideration in firebox
  • High efficiency ratio which has been optimized by kettle structure and incineration technology
  • Open bottom for eliminating impurities
  • Emission control
    • Tube filters
    • SNCR technology
    • Activated carbon feed
    • Calcium feed

Henri Riihimäki
Country Director
+ 79219621352

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