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MariMatic MetroTaifun

Reduce waste truck traffic and improve recycling rate with MetroTaifun® – the most energy efficient automatic waste collection in the world.

MetroTaifun® – Pneumatic, automated waste collection systems designed for conveying municipal waste for residential blocks and areas, entire cities, hospitals, shopping malls, offices, arenas, airports and aboard sea-going vessels.
World’s largest and 2nd largest automatic waste collection systems being built in Mecca, Saudi Arabia are MetroTaifun® systems, delivered by MariMatic.

• Increases effectiveness of waste sorting as collection is brought closer to residents
• Waste collection points will never overfill
• Reduces unpleasant odors, emissions and micro-particles
• Reduces waste truck traffic as well as number of pests and insects
• Improves safety in the yards, streets and around public spaces
• Energy efficient: energy consumption only 1/3 compared to competitors
• Affordable maintenance
• As a result, recycling and utilization level of materials can reach 99% (as in Finland)


MariMatic’s unique R&D and demo center, located in Järvenpää, Finland. Welcome!

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