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Waterix develops and manufactures devices for the treatment of municipal and industrial sewage and process water cooling. Waterix® products are also suitable for the aeration of natural waters, crayfish and fish farms, as well as golf course ponds. In its development work, Waterix pays special attention to the overall costs for the entire lifecycle and the eco-efficiency of the products.


AIRIT® is a floating aerator for aeration and mixing of industrial and municipal wastewater.
It can also be used for leachate waters from landfills, and the aeration of natural waters, fish farms and golf course ponds.

AIRIT® combines the high operating efficiency and controllability of diffusers with the reliability and low
investment cost of surface aerators.


AIRIT® drives oxygen into the wastewater and then disperses and mixes the oxygen-enriched water in the basin. Its wide intake pipe prevents clogging enabling effective circulation of water through the aerator and reducing the need for maintenance. The oxygen transfer efficiency is continuously maintained without the need for compressed air, keeping energy and general lifecycle costs low.


COOLIT® is a floating spray cooler for hot industrial wastewater, process liquids or power plant condensed water. Technology is based on evaporation of water into the air.


Unlike cooling towers, COOLIT® has only one motor. COOLIT®’s high-speed water flow creates an
important air flow that removes the needs for extra fans. This means lower energy consumption and less
maintenance. The size, speed and shape of the water and air spray as well as droplet size are optimized to achieve the maximum cooling effect using minimum electric power. Its high operational efficiency, with aeration and cooling performed by the same device, reduces investment costs and ensures low energy consumption.


MIXIT® is reliable technology for the efficient mixing of municipal and industrial wastewater.
It can also be used to mix leachate from landfills and for the quick mixing of chemicals in liquids.


MIXIT®’s downward flow pipe directs water to the bottom of the basin to increase mixing efficiency.
With a downward flow pipe, only a short shaft is needed. This preserves the motor’s bearings and increases the lifetime of the equipment. The motor has no contact with the water, which in turn increases its reliability and reduces the need for maintenance.


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