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Batteries and accumulators

In 2019, 3,616 tonnes of batteries and accumulators were imported into the Finnish market either as such or inside the equipment. Total of 1,679 tonnes were collected from consumers and other operators.

According to government decree, at least 45% of portable batteries and accumulators must be collected since 2016. Finland has achieved the targets set for the collection of portables every year. However, recycling of batteries, accumulators, phones and other electronic equipment needs to be still enhanced.

In 2020, more than 1,700 tonnes of portable batteries and small batteries were separately collected. The amount corresponds to 315 grams per capita, or, for example, 14 AA batteries. Of these, several different materials were recycled: iron 315,000 kg, zinc 260,000 kg, nickel 19,000 kg, cobalt 9,000 kg and copper 5,000 kg. For example, the amount of recycled cobalt is enough to make batteries with more than half a million new mobile phones.

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