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SUSWAM – Sustainable waste management in Karelia and Kainuu

SUSWAM (Sustainable waste management in Karelia and Kainuu) project establishes cross-border cooperation in the collection, treatment and re-use of waste in targeted areas. The project is aimed at improving current waste management practices as well as developing efficient and sustainable waste management operating models that will improve wellbeing and enable circular economy. The main objective is to reduce waste-based harmful effects on environment via improved waste sorting and processing in Kainuu and Karelia. Project will also provide possibilities for new long-term collaborations in educational expertise related to circular economy, environmental awareness and business opportunities.

Lead Partner

  • Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK), Finland
Finnish Partners

  • Municipal Waste Authority of Kainuu/Kainuun jätehuollon kuntayhtymä
  • Nakertaja-Hetteenmäki Village Association/Recycling Center Entrinki

Russian partners

  • Kostomuksha City Administration
  • Regional Company Water and Ecology LLC


More information:

Anna Belenikhina, [email protected]


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